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    Our Offering

    World Class Medical Software

    Our software solutions are world class and often world firsts!

    Solutions include options for thyroid cancer detection and orthopaedic planning - with more in the pipeline.

    See our Medical Software page for more details.

    UK and international distribution and logistics

    We deliberately don't stock thousands of products, only ones that we know are proven and reliable. 

    If you are a manufacturer, we can also manage your global distribution. 

    Services we offer are:

    - sales forecasting

    - inventory management

    - international shipping

    - credit control

    - customer services and sales hotlines

    - invoicing and cash flow management

    We take away your administrative pain with a cost-effective, risk-free package. 

    No HR issues, no warehouse rents and an entirely scaleable solution. 

    Unique Medical Devices

    We are a go-to contact for launching innovative medical devices to market with the NHS Innovation Agency referring products/ solutions to us on a regular basis. 

    We only choose products from medical device companies that meet our stipulated benefits:

    - clinical: for improved patient health

    - organisational: for clinicians

    - financial: for medical organisations 

    See our Medical Devices page for more info.